iFi Audio Micro iDSD Signature DAC and Headphone Amp

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Based around two Burr-Brown DAC chips in a custom ‘interleaved’ configuration, the digital engine has four pairs of differential signals – two pairs per channel. This means: a lower noise floor, improved channel separation, and finer musical detail and micro-dynamics The micro iDSD Signature handles up to PCM 768, DSD 512, 2xDXD and MQA. All this is done natively. Both PCM and DSD remain ‘bit-perfect’. Extensive jitter-eradication technologies are applied to the digital engine, including iFi’s GMT (Global Master Timing) femto-precision clock and the intelligent memory buffer. The micro iDSD Signature also comes with iFi’s GTO (Gibbs Transient Optimized) digital filter installed. And exclusive firmware available on our website means you can change digital filters as you wish. With up to 4100mW of power the micro iDSD Signature can drive all manner of headphones with aplomb, from highly sensitive in-ear monitors to current hungry planar headphones. The signal path has been refined to maximise sonic texture. High spec components featuring class-leading qualities such as low ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance), high stability and low distortion mean top-notch sound quality and maximum musical enjoyment. The digital stage of the micro iDSD Signature features a variety of filter settings ‘Standard’, ‘Minimum Phase’ and ‘Bit-Perfect’ for PCM files ‘Standard Bandwidth’, ‘Extended Bandwidth’ and ‘Extreme Bandwidth’ for DSD The amp stage also has three settings to adjust power and gain. As well as ‘Normal’, you get ‘Turbo’ to ramp up the level of drive for current-hungry headphones ‘Eco’ to dial down the power to suit high-sensitivity in-ear monitors and/or to extend battery life Complete this with our iEMatch technology that adjusts output level and our XBass+ and 3D+ signature sonic tweaks, and the micro iDSD Signature is flexible to the max.

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