AudioQuest Type 5 Full-Range Speaker Cable 3M

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Types 5 Low-Distortion Low-Noise speaker cable is essentially Type 4 with better metal and with conductors that are a little farther apart reducing interaction between adjacent conductors by 35%. Solid Perfect-Surface Copper +/Long-Grain Copper Sonic-Signature Conductors A finessed combination of grainless-sounding Perfect-Surface Copper+ Sonic-Signature conductors plus Long-Grain Copper enables a smooth and natural "lack-of-character."Solid Conductors Eliminate harshness and confusion due to strand interaction.Noise-Dissipation Carbon-Loading and Direction-Controlled conductors provide effective Noise-Dissipation minimizing noise modulation and amplifier distortion.Star-Quad Geometry Balanced Star-Quad Geometry reduces time-smearing while preserving dynamics and clarity.

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