Bryston 28B Cubed Mono Amplifier - Amplifiers - Silver 17"

Sale price$15,175.00 CAD

Available March 28, 2023

Colour: Black

This product is available in-store only.



Besides the fact that this is one of the most powerful amplifiers on the market and can drive virtually any loudspeaker with total grace and ease, the 28B³ monoblock amplifiers are some of the finest sounding models ever at any power output. These amplifiers take complete control over your loudspeakers and command them to be their best. Bryston first-to-last-watt philosophy demands that each of our products sounds equally amazing at all power output levels. There is no product we have ever engineered that demonstrates this philosophy better than the 28B³. Even if you don't need all the power these amps offer, you owe yourself the pleasure of a demonstration. Hear the 28B³ today.

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