Dekoni Audio Bose Quiet Comfort Premium Replacement Ear Pads


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Dekoni Audio Prides itself on being high quality, premium products made by musicians who know what music should sound like and also can appreciate the true comfort of a good headphone. With the Bose Quiet Comfort Dekoni wanted to emphasize the Comfort while maximizing the quiet and leaving you in peace to listen to your music - be it on a plane or in the comfort of your own home. The QuietC Pad takes what Bose started and made it more comfortable by making the foam a slower rebound, higher density memory foam and making the pad slightly deeper and wide for those of us with big ears. Dekoni also has been manufacturing their pads with a high quality Protein Leather that is not a petroleum based vinyl or traditional pleather. It's more supple and feels more like true leather than anything else out there.

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