Dekoni Audio Premium Memory Foam Repacement Earpads for Audio Technica ATH-M50x

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Dekoni Audio wanted to design an ear pad that is both comfortable and has excellent sound isolation qualities. What they up with is our Platinum Protein leather collection that is made from high density, slow rebound memory foam wrapped in the finest, softest protein leather we could find. This is all to insure a tight, well isolated fit for your current headphones and are designed to bring you closer to what it is you are listening to and allow you to listen longer. The idea for a memory foam pad came to us in bed one night. Why not create a pad that will actually conform to the shape of your head while allowing for excellent sound isolation and proper headphone speaker alignment? Normal pads can leak sound and don't always allow for anomalies in the different head shapes found around the world but the Platinum leather collection from Dekoni Audio allows for that and more.

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