FiiO BTA30 Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver

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The BTA30 with its 3 operating modes is also the first such desktop decoding system to support bidirectional LDAC/aptX HD Bluetooth. It can greatly improve the sound of audio equipment such as your TVs, speakers, and computers to spice up your life. Under Bluetooth receiving mode, the BTA30 can connect to and remember two devices at once, allowing your access to your favorite music in both. The BTA30 utilizes the efficient Qualcomm CSR8675 Bluetooth chip for enhanced audio applications – supporting 24-bit audio processing and equipped with a 120MHz DSP, it effectively integrates various Bluetooth decoding functions into one package. Responsible for digital-to-analog conversion is the AK4490, allowing up to 384kHz and DSD native decoding. Its implementation here lets you easily hear every small detail in your music, and provides higher SNR and dynamic range than with the Bluetooth build-in DAC and with better DAC than similar transceivers. Film capacitors work with the AK4490 for clearer and more transparent treble. With the BTA30, you can easily create a comprehensive home Bluetooth system. The BTA30 utilizes an external gain antenna for Bluetooth connections resulting in faster connection speeds, more stable signals, and for longer distance transmission across rooms – up to 30 meters under normal conditions. The strong aluminum alloy body gives the BTA30 a luxurious shininess along with a silky-smooth texture. The neat and uniform button arrangement makes it easy to use, and coordinates well with other audio equipment. The BTA30 is among the first Bluetooth desktop devices to incorporate pro-level audio volume adjustment methods.

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