Hegel H120 75W RMS Integrated Amplifier with Network Player - Hegel - Black

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If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants - said Isaac Newton in 1675. Without comparing ourselves to Isaac, we claim the same for the H120. It is a relatively affordable integrated amplifier that would not have been possible, were it not for its brothers leading up to its design. The Hegel H120 is a small step up from our entry level amplifiers in terms of price, but it is (and we refrain from the obvious quotes here) a solid step up in features and performance. The significantly larger power supply creates a more dynamic sound and for combining with large loudspeakers presenting more challenging drive loads. The digital section is taken directly from its bigger siblings, and this is really the core of the H120. We see the typical user of the H120 as people who are into digital music streaming. For the money we claim that the H120 does that better than anything else.

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