Hifiman Ananda BT High-Resolution Bluetooth OverEar Planar Magnetic Full Size Headphone


Colour: Black
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Audiophile-grade HIFIMAN ANANDA-BT, with HD Bluetooth technology, offers up to 24bit/192khz (USB), 24bit/96khz (Bluetooth), and a high-quality DAC with a powerful balanced amplifier. With any wired headphone, you are faced with a series of questions: What amp and DAC should I use? What about the cables? With the ANANDA-BT, the only question is what to listen to next. The new NsD is 80% thinner than previous designs, resulting in fast response and detailed image with lush, full range sonics. HIFIMAN’s audio heritage dates back to 2010 when it introduced the world’s first high-fidelity portable player: HM-801. Since then, HIFIMAN has brought to market a wide selection of headphones and players that are enjoyed by audiophiles and music-lovers across the globe. ANANDA-BT features an internal, custom-designed amplifier that is the perfect match for currently available HD Bluetooth codecs. Filter and Analog Circuit from the same engineers who created HIFIMAN’s standard-setting R2R2000 HD Bluetooth/USB DAC/Digital Audio Player (2500 USD). Connect ANANDA-BT to a computer with a USB-Type C cable for unequalled sound quality from your favorite audio files.

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