iFi Audio GO Bar Ultraportable DAC/preamp/headphone amp

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The GO bar's analogue circuitry boasts a balanced circuit design with twin-channel output stage. This reduces noise and crosstalk in the signal path by fully separating left and right channels. Remarkably given its diminutive size, the GO bar’s analogue circuitry features balanced design with a symmetrical twin-channel output stage. This topology, usually reserved for larger and more expensive amplifiers owing to its cost and complexity, reduces noise and crosstalk in the signal path by fully separating the left and right channels. Special attention has also been paid to power supply filtering, dramatically reducing signal noise introduced though the USB input. The amp’s design combines sonic purity with exceptional power. In fact, with an output of 550mW (into 64 ohms) and 7.5V (into 600 ohms), no headphone amp of such diminutive size can match its impressive ability to drive even tricky headphone loads – that’s enough current drive for 16-ohm headphones and sufficient voltage drive for 600-ohm headphones.

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