iFi Audio iPower X Low Noise DC Power Supply 5V


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iPower X uses our latest Active Noise Cancellation 2 (ANC2) technology to cancel all incoming EMI/RFI noise. This technology is, in principle, like how active noise-cancelling headphones work. The intelligent circuit inside of the iPower X measures the signal coming from the mains and injects an identical wave of the opposite-phase. The result - the initial wave and its mirror reflection interfere destructively cancelling out all noise pollution. Now, picture a regular wall-wart power supply as passive cans and our iPower X as an active product with the most potent version of the ANC tech on-board. The latest generation noise suppression method implemented in the iPower X is far more efficient than the regular filter blocks. It eliminates more unwanted noise and works across a far broader range, liberating your connected device from the oppression of unclean power! Our previous iPower generation was quieter than even audiophile linear power supplies and 1,000x quieter than the standard SMPS wall adapters. The newlyoptimised circuit, together with the new oversized power MOSFET and low leakage transformer implemented inside of the iPower X enabled us to surpass these multipliers even further. The iPower X increased its previous generation’s input filter capacitance by 106% and its power supply capacitance for the adaptive multi-mode controller by 220%. We also added the new aluminium conductive polymer solid capacitors and highdensity output inductors as well as increased the output capacitance by 79% for better suppression of high-frequency noise. As much as we enjoy how our iPower looks like, its successor, iPower X features a brand new satisfying cream/harmonious beige chassis design. The captivating carvings on its top form an elegant pattern, behind which a pleasant soft blue LED indicates the connection with mains.

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