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If computer audio is your thing, then you know about digital signals and how annoying interference can be. Listening on a Mac? These aren’t earthed so produce a natural buzz and hum (I can hear mine now!) Using a laptop? Their earth adds distortion due to multiple cables. Never fear, the iGalvanic3.0 is here. Galvanic isolation on USB3.0. It is for any computer system. Plug into any USB port via your DAC. Put simply, it ‘creates’ a new, interference free signal. No more noise, no more jitter. (And not an easy thing to do on USB3.0!) The iGalvanic3.0 is the one-stop USB audio enhancement solution for every computer audio lover. It uses audio-grade galvanic isolation, REclock/REgenerate/REBalance2 and a clean USB power supply. Our iGalvanic3.0 breaks ground loops, avoids noise-coupling in applications that require hi-speed USB transfers and dramatically improves sonic performance. Perfect for audiophiles seeking maximum sound quality from their USB digital audio system. All computer audio systems are different. This product is dedicated for computer audio use and incorporates Groundlink. A flick of the switch optimises isolation in systems where there is no, one or multiple grounds (earths) which cause hum and/or buzz. This is the world’s 1st audiophile-grade galvanic isolation on USB2.0 and USB3.0 on an audiophile grade device. Electrical circuits are separated to eliminate stray elements – a signal can pass but nothing else.

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