iFi Audio Pro iESL Desktop ESL Energizer


Colour: Silver
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The Pro series iESL is an unsurpassed energiser for electrostatic headphones (and transformer-coupled stage for flagship dynamic headphones too). The Pro iESL driven by either the iFi Pro iCAN or a powerful amplifier takes electrostatic headphones to an unprecedented level of performance. Its defining characteristic is a transparency and an ultra-wide dynamic range that is totally natural. The Pro iESL works with Stax, Sennheiser Orpheus and many more. Classic & Cutting Edge Technology The Pro iESL’s two key elements combine the very best in classical approaches with the latest in cutting-edge technology AND superb component quality to deliver the ‘perfectly matched’ headphone experience. The ‘Perfectly Matched’ headphone experience. Both classic and cutting edge technology in 3 quality components delivers a perfectly matched listening experience – one-off Pinstripe Permalloy Core Transformer, a Bias Voltage Generator and the Capacitive Battery Power Supply. Making a transformer with the wide bandwidth and low distortion needed in the iESL is very challenging. To attain this, the custom transformers use complicated hand-wound, multi-section windings with both vertical and horizontal sectioning. They exceed the standards set by Siemens (Germany) and Peerless (USA). With a bandwidth of < 5Hz to > 60kHz (-3dB), transformers in the iESL far exceed the requirements of even the JAS High-Res logo.

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