iFi Audio Pro iRack for iFi Pro Equipment

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The original iRack from iFi audio – their micro unit shelving system - never fails to turn heads at hi-fi shows and in shops all over the world. So, when the time came to introduce the third unit in their iconic Pro series – the Pro iDSD – they couldn’t do so without giving it and the already popular Pro iCAN and Pro iESL, a ‘home’ of their own UNIQUE STYLING iFi could have copied their original iRack and just increased it’s dimensions but the cutting edge Pro series deserves it own unique design, worthy of it’s technical prowess and cutting edge style. The Pro iRack has been designed from the ground up to perfectly support the iFi Pro series. It has an invisible sonic signature and stunning look. It extracts the best sonic performance from the Pro series collection and displays it with style. • Its strikingly designed pillars are made from natural marble for optimum stability. • It boasts slim stainless-steel supports with micro-vibration control for minimum energy storage. • It is made from resonance-damped magnesium-aluminium alloy to minimize vibration. • The Pro iRack sports multi-resonance damped sandwich construction for maximum damping and isolation.

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