iFi Audio xCAN Portable Analog and Bluetooth Headphone Amp

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The xCAN is the next generation in mobile headphone amplifiers – it replaces the micro iCAN SE and the nano iCAN. With high-end Bluetooth connectivity, just about every modern device is able to stream audio to it without the need for cumbersome cables. The xCAN delivers high-end audio quality from both Balanced and S-Balanced outputs, using a balanced dual-mono circuit topology that draws from the flagship Pro iCAN in an extremely portable package. The 3D+® Matrix for Headphones and the new XBassⅡ® system enhance your enjoyment of music by correcting common flaws even in very expensive headphones, offering the most musical enjoyment from the widest range of headphones. Bluetooth functionality in a device is one thing. To make it sound really great is another. The cookie cutter route - get a do-it-all SOC1 module, implement according to the datasheet and you are done. Like this: These SOCs are mainly specified for ‘voice’ calling. Is it any wonder that audio on Bluetooth is distinctly ‘average’? This is not the iFi way. So, for the xCAN (and the xDSD) we developed a ground-up solution where the SOC is used only for reception (ie: no conversion/amplification) and includes aptX and AAC codecs for best audio quality from both iDevices (AAC) and Android devices, laptops etc (aptX). The signal from SOC has a huge amount of jitter so it is then sent to the amplifier. The xCAN offers balanced in/out to take full advantage of the growing availability of balanced sources and headphones. The xCAN uses the W990VST analogue volume control with digital CyberDrive control. For amplification, the OV4627 amplifier chip (4 channel) is used to deliver exceptional sonic performance on-the-go.

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