iFi Audio Zen One Signature Bluetooth/USB/Optical/Coaxial DAC

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The ZEN One Signature’s singular purpose is to take the digital audio signal from any device, via cable or Bluetooth, and convert it to analogue to feed an external amp and speakers or headphones. Coupling high-quality internal components with iFi’s class-leading circuit design, it delivers a brilliant boost to sound quality, no matter how you connect. For many, the ZEN One Signature is the one and only DAC they will ever need in their home. The ZEN One Signature is the first ZEN DAC to support all these higher-resolution formats: DSD256, PCM384, MQA384kHz, Bluetooth 96KHz. It's a pure DAC designed to do one thing as best as it can, with no internal headphone amp, and no volume control.

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