iFi iPower X Low Noise Power Supply DC Adapter – Upgrade Your Audio/Video/Electronics (15V)

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Capacity: 15V
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iFi was born in 2012 with one goal in mind: to produce 'ultra-fidelity' audio products that push the sonic envelope whilst still priced within the mainstream.

iFi audio is under our parent company, AMR, Abbingdon Music Research, which designs and produces top-end luxurious audio products. AMR saw in 2010 that customer demand for wireless and portable headphones was expanding as the whole audio dynamic was changing. Thus, iFi was launched.

iFi offers small but prodigious personal audio products thanks to the superior knowledge of AMR’s technology. Today, we are proud of our British (and international) roots. We continue to design and produce over 35 different products.

We source parts from around the world from manufacturers including AMOS (UK), GE Valves (USA), WIMA (Germany) and TDK (Japan).

The iFi iPower X is an upgraded member of the iFi ultra- low noise DC adaptors. Everything has been re-designed and re-optimized. It features Active Noise Cancellation2, 50% larger capacitors, higher continuous amperage, and 20% more power than the iPower. It is an advanced DC power supply that instantly improves the audio or video performance of virtually any DC powered product. It is a quick and noticeable upgrade for your entertainment system and more, whether you're a music lover, musician, audiophile, recording engineer, or photographer. LED studio lights will have less flicker and become more reliable, so you can spend less time trying to setup the perfect shot. Your amplifier will only receive the affects you want from your guitar pedal and not a tainted signal from dirty power. Hear audio with more detail and clarity, and video will be clearer and crisper. The iPower X has an astonishingly low audio band noise floor of just 1uV, removing noise you might not have noticed was there. It is 20 times quieter than conventional switch mode and linear power supplies, and has been proven to be 100x quieter than standard stock wall warts. It is available in 5V 3A, 9V 2.5A, 12V 2A and 15V 1.5A versions. Designed to fit common devices, we include 4 different size DC barrel adapters, a center negative adapter for inverting the polarity, and a right angle adapter for when you need more flexibility (The 5 volt version comes with a DC to micro USB adapter, a DC to USB C adapter, and a DC to USB A (female) adapter for use with USB powered gear like the Raspberry Pi, Roku or Amazon Fire TV Stick). Just match the correct voltage, polarity setup, and current output to your manufacturer's specifications and then enjoy!

Active beats passive

iPower X uses our latest Active Noise Cancellation 2 (ANC2) technology to cancel all incoming EMI/RFI noise. This technology is, in principle, similar to how active noise-cancelling headphones work. The intelligent circuit inside of the iPower X measures the signal coming from the mains and injects an identical wave of the opposite-phase. The result - the initial wave and its mirror reflection interfere destructively cancelling out all noise pollution.


The iPower X increased its previous generation’sinput filter capacitance by 106% and its power supply capacitance for the adaptive multi-mode controller by 220%.

We also added the new aluminium conductive polymer solid capacitors and high-density output inductors as well as increased the output capacitance by 79% for better suppression of high-frequency noise.

Polarity Inverter Adapter for ‘centre negative’ professional audio

At iFi, we like to think comprehensively and while the majority of home and pro audio products have a ‘centre positive’ DC power connector type, if your product such as a guitar pedal or a media player has a ‘centre negative’ instead of ‘centre positive’ pin, it is important to use the iFi power inverter. If you are unsure of the DC polarity of your product, please check with your vendor. For equipment using a DC power connection, it is common practice to include protection circuitry against over-voltage/reverse polarity, but not every manufacturer will have applied this. Always check first.

Tech Specifications

5V- 3A

9V- 2.5A

12V- 2A

15V- 1.5A

  • NEW AND IMPROVED – A completely new member of the iFi ultra-low noise DC adaptors that can be used for iFi products and other devices that require a silent power supply
  • UPGRADE YOUR POWER SOURCE – Remove unwanted electrical noise introduced by noisy stock wall warts or plugs to provide a steadier and more reliable current to your device, including turntables, media streamers, phono stages, routers, DACs, audio interfaces, and LED studio lighting
  • INSTANT CLARITY - Enjoy clear audio and more defined digital video with Active Noise Cancellation2, which filters out spurious frequencies introduced by common household equipment that would interfere or muddy your entertainment experience
  • MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS - Each comes with 5 different barrel tips (as well as micro USB, USB C tips with the 5v version), to ensure use with a wide variety of devices
  • MULTIPLE VOLTAGES AVAILABLE - 5V, 9V, 12V, and 15V versions provide power options for many of the most common equipment. Choose the voltage model that is right for your device based on your manufacturer's specifications

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