iFi Uno - DAC & Headphone AMP - USB-C Input - Improve Lacklustre Audio - Streaming/Gaming/Music Modes Adjust Sound to Suit You - 32-bit/384kHz/DSD256/MQA

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Small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, the iFi uno's cute, curvy case is made from tough, mineral-filled polymer. Inside, the sophisticated DAC and headphone amp circuitry will upgrade the basic audio tech in all sorts of digital devices. Connect the iFi uno via the USB-C input to your Windows PC, Apple Mac, smartphone or tablet. It needs no power source as it receives both power and audio data from the source it is connected to. Imagine the difference in quality from a standard TV to an 8K Ultra HD TV - but in sound! This is the difference an external DAC makes to your music. The iFi uno will supercharge your sound. Everything will sound more powerful, more detailed and more real.

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