McIntosh C53 2-Channel Solid State Preamplifier

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xperience the pinnacle of audio quality with the McIntosh C53 2-Channel Solid State Preamplifier. Crafted with precision and passion by one of the most renowned names in high-end audio, this preamplifier is a testament to McIntosh's commitment to delivering exceptional sound performance.

Key Features:

  1. Pure Sonic Purity: The McIntosh C53 is designed to preserve the purity of your audio signals. Its advanced circuitry ensures that every note and nuance in your music is faithfully reproduced, providing a listening experience that's true to the original recording.

  2. Flexible Connectivity: Equipped with a wide range of inputs and outputs, including balanced XLR and RCA connectors, digital inputs, and a dedicated phono input, the C53 offers versatility for connecting a variety of sources, from turntables to digital media players.

  3. High-Resolution Audio: With support for high-resolution audio formats, including DSD and PCM, the C53 lets you enjoy your music in its most detailed and lifelike form. Experience the full richness of your favorite tracks like never before.

  4. Dual DACs: This preamplifier boasts dual premium 32-bit Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs) for impeccable signal conversion, ensuring that your digital music maintains its integrity throughout the audio chain.

  5. Adjustable EQ: Tailor the sound to your preference with the C53's 5-band adjustable equalizer. Fine-tune the bass, midrange, and treble frequencies to match your listening environment and personal taste.

  6. MC/MM Phono Stage: Vinyl enthusiasts will appreciate the built-in MC/MM phono stage, which supports both Moving Coil (MC) and Moving Magnet (MM) cartridges, delivering exceptional vinyl playback quality.

  7. Precision Volume Control: The C53 features a legendary McIntosh precision rotary volume control with a smooth, silky action, allowing you to make precise adjustments with ease.

  8. Iconic McIntosh Design: Housed in the classic McIntosh black glass front panel with illuminated knobs, the C53 exudes timeless elegance that complements any high-end audio system.

  9. Remote Control: The included remote control provides convenient access to all functions, making it effortless to manage your audio experience from your listening chair.

  10. McIntosh Build Quality: Handcrafted in the USA, McIntosh products are known for their exceptional build quality and durability, ensuring that the C53 will provide years of reliable service.

Elevate your audio experience with the McIntosh C53 2-Channel Solid State Preamplifier. Immerse yourself in the music you love like never before, and discover the true beauty of high-fidelity sound. This preamplifier is a statement piece that delivers both sonic excellence and aesthetic appeal to any audio system.


  • Power Output: Not applicable (preamplifier)
  • Input Sensitivity: Variable (depending on source)
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >100dB

Included Accessories:

  • McIntosh C53 2-Channel Solid State Preamplifier
  • Remote Control
  • Power Cable
  • Owner's Manual

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