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Enhance your vinyl listening experience and protect your precious records with the Pro-Ject Audio Q UP - Tonearm Lifter. This innovative accessory is designed to automatically lift your turntable's tonearm at the end of each vinyl side, preventing it from accidentally dragging and potentially damaging your records.


  1. Automatic Tonearm Lifting: The Q UP offers automatic tonearm lifting, ensuring that your turntable's tonearm is safely raised at the end of each vinyl side. This feature helps to protect your records from scratches and extends their lifespan.

  2. Easy Installation: The Q UP is easy to install and compatible with most turntables. It can be positioned on the edge of your turntable plinth, allowing for seamless integration into your existing setup.

  3. Gentle and Precise Operation: This tonearm lifter employs a gentle and precise mechanism that works smoothly without impacting the sound quality of your vinyl playback. It operates quietly, ensuring minimal audible disturbance.

  4. Universal Compatibility: The Q UP is compatible with a wide range of turntable models and tonearms, making it a versatile accessory for vinyl enthusiasts. Whether you have a Pro-Ject turntable or a different brand, the Q UP can enhance your vinyl listening experience.

  5. Convenient Design: The Q UP is designed for user convenience. It automatically lifts the tonearm, but you can also manually lower it during playback with ease. Its compact size and sleek design ensure that it does not interfere with your turntable's aesthetics.

  6. Durable Construction: Crafted with high-quality materials, the Q UP is built to last. It is designed to withstand the rigors of regular use, ensuring reliable performance over time.

The Pro-Ject Audio Q UP - Tonearm Lifter is an essential accessory for vinyl enthusiasts who want to protect their records and enjoy a hassle-free listening experience. Elevate your vinyl playback and maintain the longevity of your vinyl collection with this reliable and convenient tonearm lifter.

Note: This listing is for the Pro-Ject Audio Q UP - Tonearm Lifter only. The turntable and other accessories shown in the images are for illustrative purposes and are not included.

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