Totem Kin Play V2 Powered 120 watt Speakers with Bluetooth

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Colour: Black
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It’s the dawn of a new age of speakers, where high resolution music is streamed wirelessly and sources ranging from gaming consoles to turntables are directly connected. Combining simplicity, convenience, modern technology, and versatility, this is the innovative era of KIN Play. KIN Play powered bookshelf speakers are a simple yet versatile audio solution, free from the burden of being physically bound or reliant on separate, complicated amplifiers. Its own formidable 120 watt amplifier powers drivers purposefully designed to synergize together and energize your space with pure Totem acoustics. Auto on/input sensing, enable the KIN Play to be easily controlled by streaming components and custom installation systems. KIN Play is the evolution of audio, designed for the next generation of music lovers, but desired by all.

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