Chord Electronics MOJO 2 Portable DAC Headphone Amplifier

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Enhance your audio experience with the Chord Electronics MOJO 2 Portable DAC Headphone Amplifier. Crafted with precision and engineered to perfection, the MOJO 2 elevates your sound to new heights, whether you're at home, on-the-go, or in the studio.

Key Features:

  1. High-Resolution Audio: Experience exceptional sound quality with support for high-resolution audio formats up to 768kHz PCM and native DSD512.
  2. Advanced DAC Technology: Featuring Chord Electronics' cutting-edge DAC technology for accurate and detailed audio reproduction.
  3. Portable and Sleek Design: Compact and stylish design for easy portability, allowing you to enjoy premium sound quality wherever you go.
  4. Powerful Amplification: Amplify your headphones with the MOJO 2's powerful amplifier, delivering dynamic and immersive sound.
  5. Intuitive Controls: User-friendly interface with intuitive controls for easy operation and seamless adjustment of settings.
  6. Versatile Connectivity: Connect to a variety of devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and more, via USB or optical inputs.
  7. Long Battery Life: Enjoy extended listening sessions with the MOJO 2's long-lasting battery life, perfect for audiophiles on the move.

The Chord Electronics MOJO 2 Portable DAC Headphone Amplifier is a testament to innovation and craftsmanship, providing audiophiles and music enthusiasts with a premium audio solution that redefines the listening experience. Elevate your sound quality to new heights with the MOJO 2.

Package Contents:

  • Chord Electronics MOJO 2 Portable DAC Headphone Amplifier
  • USB and Optical Cables
  • Protective Carrying Case
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty Information

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