Hifiman Deva Over Ear Full Size Open Back Planar Magnetic Headphone with Bluetooth Dongle


Colour: Beige
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With the rich experience of developing world top-class headphones, HIFIMAN uses the unique configuration unit in DEVA, promising excellent sound quality. The new NsD is 80% thinner than previous designs, resulting in fast response and detailed image with lush, full range sonics. Total channel separation – Deva includes a balanced channel input, TRRS 3.5mm headphone jack and socket, offering 4 discrete pathway offering up to 20 dB higher power handling. Maximum Versatility: Bluetooth + USB + Cable The Bluemini is DEVA’s companion Bluetooth/USB module. Bluemini’s built in power amp and buffer stage filter has power dynamic and detail enough to rival a desktop amp.

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