iFi Audio SPDIF iPurifier2 Reclocker and Data Signal Filter Coax SPDIF

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After nearly four decades of research experience by iFi’s Chief Designer Thorsten Loesch, iFi audio created an elegant and highly effective solution to eliminate jitter once and for all - the SPDIF iPurifier2. This petite accessory is here to stamp out S/PDIF jitter, fully restore the compromised signal's integrity, rejuvenate sound quality, and create an increased warmth, depth and dynamic contrast. When an audio source transmits the signal, the receiver should know when every sample arrives. A word clock is necessary to perform it correctly. S/PDIF carries an embedded word clock signal within the digital data, which allows a receiver to match the clock with the source and interpret data correctly. Sadly, that enclosed clock information can be of low quality or degraded by physical properties of a cable in the pipeline. Even the tiniest frequency difference of 1ppm may translate into a complete disaster when sending heavy files. This superior Femto clock regenerates a stable, high-quality signal coming from a source device. Thanks to restored timing integrity the signal delivered to a receiver is not degraded by physical properties of a source product or a cable in between. It also serves as an internal buffer to perfectly time the bitstream. The optical/Toslink input boasts the premium galvanic isolation technology, where electrical circuits are separated to eliminate stray currents. Audio signals can pass between galvanically isolated circuits to block i.e. differences in ground potential or currents induced by AC power.

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