Pro-Ject Audio Cork & Rubber IT 3 mm Mat

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Upgrade your turntable's performance and enhance your listening experience with the Pro-Ject Audio Cork & Rubber IT 3mm Mat. This high-quality mat combines the natural damping properties of cork with the stability of rubber to provide improved sound reproduction and reduce unwanted vibrations.


  1. Cork and Rubber Composite: The Pro-Ject Audio Cork & Rubber IT Mat is crafted from a composite material consisting of natural cork and rubber. This combination offers excellent damping properties, effectively reducing resonance and vibration for cleaner audio playback.

  2. Enhanced Sound Quality: By reducing vibrations, the mat minimizes unwanted noise and distortion, allowing for more accurate and detailed sound reproduction. Experience improved clarity, dynamics, and instrument separation from your vinyl records.

  3. Anti-Static Properties: The mat's anti-static surface helps reduce static electricity, preventing dust and debris from clinging to your records and ensuring cleaner playback.

  4. Universal Compatibility: Designed to fit most turntables, the 3mm thickness of the mat provides a perfect balance between stability and flexibility. It is suitable for both belt-drive and direct-drive turntables.

  5. Easy Installation: The Pro-Ject Audio Cork & Rubber IT Mat is effortless to install. Simply place it on your turntable platter, aligning the spindle hole with the mat's cutout, and enjoy enhanced performance immediately.

  6. Protects Your Vinyl: The mat's soft and non-abrasive surface protects your precious vinyl records from scratches and damage, preserving their condition for years to come.

  7. Stylish Design: The combination of cork and rubber gives the mat a unique and visually appealing appearance, adding a touch of elegance to your turntable setup.

  8. Dimensions: The mat has a diameter of 11.8 inches (30 cm) and a thickness of 3mm, providing a universal fit for most turntable platters.

Upgrade your turntable and elevate your vinyl listening experience with the Pro-Ject Audio Cork & Rubber IT 3mm Mat. Rediscover the true potential of your vinyl collection with improved sound quality and reduced vibrations. Upgrade your setup today and enjoy a more immersive and engaging audio journey.

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